July 5, 2021
Our Take

The demand for quality and affordable design services is high these days, and DesignTork is one of the names you can count on. 

This startup design company was founded in 2019. Since then, DesignTork has won the hearts of many brands worldwide. And this DesignTork interview should tell you everything you need to know about this graphic design service.

What’s the story behind DesignTork?

We founded DesignTork in 2019, intending to help small and big businesses get their designs in place. We are a diverse group of creatives with web development, graphic designing, and project management skills. 

As creatives in these fields, we knew how expensive design is. The hourly or project-based billing can impose limitations on brands — whether they need branding or marketing designs. We want to offer different types of design projects to various clients and their needs. 

That said, we take pride in offering graphic design and web development to help businesses thrive and grow. But, our work also goes beyond that. Every business’s growth means a lot to us, which means our design company also grows after every successful project. 

Why did you venture into graphic design? 

Our organization may be new, but our passion is endless and powerful, allowing us to tackle every design project with excellence. Our story started with a friendship. We were a group of creatives in graphic design, web development, and project management. 

We realized how hard and expensive it is to find a quality design service. So we decided to offer multiple services such as graphic design, front-end development service, and web design to businesses of various sizes. 

Simply put, we are an on-demand graphic design company that offers unlimited designs—all these for a flat, monthly rate. 

What values make DesignTork thrive as a business?

We take pride in everything we do. But rest assured that we never do anything by halves. Therefore, we believe in six different values that allow our business to thrive in such cut-throat competition. 

We are a growth-oriented company, and we believe that your growth is also our growth. We also offer flexibility to ensure that we adapt to all our clients’ needs. The next value we believe in is productivity. We want our clients to focus on the critical things that matter, so we aim to achieve more than expected. 

Next is, of course, quality. Although we offer a fast turnaround, we ensure that every submitted project is first-class. Additionally, our team of creatives all ensures dependability when it comes to working commitments. We promise we’ll never let our clients down, and we also promise a hassle-free work process. 

Finally, we believe in the value of love. This word means a lot to us as a design service. Without love for what we do and love for the people we work with, we are nothing as an organization.

What is an unlimited graphic design service? 

An unlimited graphic design service is based on a subscription model. Clients only pay a fixed rate per month while getting unlimited graphic designs and revisions. When we say unlimited, it means you can submit as many design requests as you want, and we work on them one at a time. 

How does DesignTork’s design process work?

We boast a seamless process when it comes to submitting, revising, and downloading designs. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Once you sign up for one of our plans, you’ll have access to your dashboard. 

Then you can create a design brief and submit as many requests as you want. Then, depending on the plan you choose, we can work on one or two designs at a time. 

Once we read the design brief, we select a suitable designer for the project. The designer then works on your request and revises it if necessary. The last step is downloading the source file, and you own all rights to the image.

What services do you offer? 

There are no holds barred when requesting designs from us. We make social media designs, banners, display ads, print materials, trade show materials, business cards, calendars, IDs, menus, recipe cards, and more. 

As for web UI and UX, we offer web design, HTML web concepts, funnel pages, landing pages, wireframes, and more. 

What benefits will clients get from subscribing to DesignTork? 

Subscribing to DesignTork means you’re getting every bang for your buck. Aside from affordability, our clients will get unlimited designs, skilled designers, quick turnarounds, multiple technologies, and easy collaboration. 

Do clients get a specific designer once they subscribe?

No, they don’t. Clients will get the best creative for every project. If they request web design, we assign the best web designer on our team. If they need custom images, we pick the most suitable graphic designer as well. 

What platforms do you use to communicate with clients?

We believe that communication is vital when it comes to design projects. Therefore, we offer a personalized dashboard where clients can communicate with their designers. However, we are also open to other messaging platforms such as Slack. You can reach out to us to decide which platform is more convenient for you. 

Why are your rates so low?

Because we’re an on-demand service, we eliminate other expenses that also jack up the rates for graphic design. We work and collaborate online, and we’ve mastered our design process, so our method is fast and efficient. This is the reason why we offer rates as low as $208 per month. 

What don’t you offer?

For now, we don’t offer services such as full brand identity, mascots, book illustrations, back-end development, complex photo manipulations, 3D animation, complex illustrations, and video editing. 

What’s your upper hand over other design services? 

Our mission is genuine, and we sincerely love to help businesses thrive. Aside from offering stellar services, we also hold regular giveaways for free monthly subscriptions. All you have to do is to register your name, email, and phone number and wait for the next draw. 

What should clients do if they’re hesitant to sign up for a full month?

We want our clients to select the best design partner. Therefore, we don’t hold them with contracts and cancellation fees. Clients can cancel anytime. But if you’re still hesitant about signing up for an entire month, then we offer a 15-day money-back guarantee so clients can try our awesome service first.






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