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May 19, 2021
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Green Pixel might be a neophyte in the graphic design industry. However, the startup is already showing their competitors that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Launched in mid-2020, Green Pixel is an on-demand graphic design service. The brand aims to offer individuals, businesses, or agencies stellar graphic design at half the cost and production time. Green Pixel’s story is also one for the books. Here’s what went down during our interview with Green Pixel’s COO. 

What made you go into the Unlimited Graphic Design Industry?

One of the reasons why we picked this industry is because design is important to us. We believe that the foundation of a good business entails good design, and we aim to provide brands with excellent quality design. 

When we started this graphic design service, we realized that there are only two primary options for sourcing graphic design. First is hiring a freelance graphic designer, which is a cheaper method. And the second option is consulting a design agency, which offers quality at very steep costs. 

We want to be the option in between. We created Green Pixel because we want to give equal opportunities for both startups and big businesses when it comes to graphic design. We provide unlimited graphic designs at half the cost. 

What makes your unlimited graphic design service stand out among the competition? 

We take pride in our quality service. And because of this, we have a quality assurance layer for every design project. This is to ensure that no project is done half-heartedly. 

The process entails submitting the design to the assigned designer for materialization. After the process, the design goes through the QA team for approval. We, at Green Pixel, don’t accept subpar design outcomes . We have a particular set of standards that prioritize quality. This process is one of Green Pixel’s unique features. 

What is the meaning behind the name Green Pixel? 

Our name has a significant story behind it. The term “Pixel” is from our founder Victor Pixel. As you know, the term “pixel” means the illumination area on a display screen. It’s what makes up images on a computer screen, which is quite apt for a graphic design company. 

On the other hand, “Green” comes from the founder’s pet chameleon. A chameleon can camouflage to adapt to its surrounding environment. And that is our aim at Green Pixel. We adhere to industry trends and changes, which is what keeps our company moving forward. 

Tell me about your awesome team and their location?

Due to our strict hiring process, we ensure that we hire only the best in the industry. Green Pixel may be less than a year old, but we take pride in sorting the good apples from the bad ones. 

Our organization is composed of two amazing and experienced teams of graphic designers. One team is based in Latvia, and the other team is based in Georgia. Moreover, our support team is also ready to entertain your inquiries, concerns, and requests any time of the day!

How do you communicate with your customers? 

Communication is very important to us. Our main form of communication is through ManyRequest - a white-labeled platform. However, we also offer other forms of communication, such as Slack and even allow our customers to send screen recordings to discuss design projects. This ensures that there is clear communication of the design brief, which means fewer revisions. 

What’s one thing you’re proud of about your company that people should know?

If there are two things we can say we’re proud of as a graphic design company, those are speed and quality. Moreover, our service goes beyond design project submissions. We also form long-term bonds with our customers. We make sure that we foster client relationships, and we can proudly say our graphic designers are trained for that. 

Before getting the graphic designers on board, they go through a series of training and workshops that instill great customer support and communication. Also, after onboarding, our graphic designers attend regular workshops to remind them of our company culture and values. 

Another factor that makes us an excellent company is our dedication to improve our service further. And that’s why we always make sure to ask for feedback from our clients. We do this because some designers might think that the project is doing great. However, the clients might think otherwise, and we want to be on the same page with our clients. 

Overall, Green Pixel cares about speed, and we train all our employees to focus on quality and customer satisfaction. 

What’s your company culture like? 

Our company culture revolves around a client-first mentality. We put our customers first above all else while maintaining a great bond with them. We are also a fast-growing and goal-oriented company that aims for growth and excellence. 

We don’t joke around with our client-first priority. If our clients aren’t satisfied with the outcome, our designers go the extra mile to work on the designs even outside the office. 

Our designer assignments are also not rigid. We assign a team of two or three graphic designers for bigger projects to ensure a superb outcome. 

What are your requirements or qualifications when hiring a designer? 

Our hiring process is stringent. We offer three plans, and designers can apply for different positions that will be applied to any of our plans. Our plans are Core, Pro, and Webflow. 

If designers apply for the UI designer position, they have to undergo a strict test and submit their portfolios. Then they will be under a month-long training period, which our senior designers will supervise. 

On the other hand, for designers who apply for the Webflow designer position, we require Webflow knowledge on coding. We also need a certification from Webflow to ensure that the designers are fit for the position. This also lets the designers handle various clients with different design requests. 

What are the benefits of subscribing to Green Pixel? 

You’re not only getting quality and speed when subscribing to Green Pixel. However, you’re also getting affordability, which you can’t get from hiring design agencies. Also, our on-site professional designers ensure that you’re getting unique and quality designs.

We also offer unlimited designs and revisions. We know how meticulous graphic design is, and we’re proud to say our clients can request as many revisions until they’re satisfied.

Our fast turnaround of 24 to 48 hours makes us an excellent graphic design service. Our fast process is also because we assign a dedicated designer that knows your brand well. You no longer have to explain your branding and assets repeatedly. The assigned designer will know your branding assets such as colors, logos, icons, language, and more. Overall, this makes for a speedy design method. 

Additionally, we also provide a personal Green Pixel dashboard for all our clients. This ensures that your system stores all your designs, which is easier to track and monitor. Plus, all your designs will be solely yours. Our clients will own all rights and licenses to all requested designs. 

Finally, our 24/5 customer care is at your disposal for all inquiries and concerns you have. 

Can you explain to me how Green Pixel’s app works? 

Green Pixel’s app is user-friendly. Anyone can easily maneuver through the app with ease. We also have a three-step process to start with your design request. First, our clients submit as many design requests as they want, and the dedicated designer will work on them one at a time. 

They can set the priority, and we’ll assign a pro designer immediately. The second step is to collaborate for revisions if clients aren’t satisfied with the design. Our designers will revise the design until our clients are 100 percent happy. 

The last step is to confirm and download the file. Download the file in the preferred format you chose during the design brief submission. You can use them for personal or commercial purposes. 

What is the Priority queue? 

We have two types of request queues. One is the Regular queue, and the other one is the Priority queue. By default, every design ticket is under a regular queue, which follows a first-in-first-out system. 

However, you can stipulate ticket priority by putting the tickets in the Priority queue. We tackle the tickets under this queue first.

What if I need to speed up the design process? What should I do? 

You can go for an additional upgrade by getting the Scale-up Subscriptions. You’ll have the option to scale up or down anytime you need to. Also, if you subscribe to the Scale-up feature, you can increase speed output up to eight times! 

What additional features do you offer?

We also improve the process for our clients by offering some Green Pixel Power Ups. Subscribe to the Slack Power-Up to get a dedicated Slack channel where clients can communicate and collaborate. 

We also have the Social Media Video Power-Up, wherein our video editors create a short social media video for clients. This is apt for content creators, and any brand focused on social media marketing. 

Finally, we offer the Custom Illustration Power-Up, which offers custom illustrations fit for brands and their branding and marketing materials. 

What do you offer to reassure hesitant clients?

If interested clients are still hesitant about subscribing to any of our plans, we offer a 15-day money-back guarantee. We will return your first-month subscription cost if you’re unhappy with our service. However, we’ve only had a one percent cancellation rate, so rest assured subscribing to Green Pixel is worth your time and investment. 







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