July 5, 2021
Our Take

Kapa99 has grown a lot since founder Ka Kei Ho first conceived the idea in 2014. Today, they take pride in offering customer-centric graphic design. In fact, customers get more than a graphic designer - their subscription services also include a project manager and an art director. Kapa99’s commitment in changing their customers’ lives for the better makes a positive and valuable difference in the world of graphic design. 

How did Kapa99 start?

Before running an unlimited graphic design business, I owned a restaurant. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I was handling all the marketing and operations for the restaurant. And even though I had some experience with Photoshop, it wasn't the best. I struggled with creating designs for my digital marketing campaigns. After reading a book called The 7 Day Startup, I realized that I could do that myself.

I envisioned offering unlimited graphic design at flat, monthly rates. A service that would be available to small businesses — something that I would also use in my restaurant during that time. So that’s when it all came to be. The name Kapa99 comes from my first name, Ka Kei, and my wife, Paola. The number 99 comes from the pricing when we first started — $99. 

Do clients really get unlimited graphic designs in a month? 

This is what makes our service different from all the other on-demand graphic design companies. We handle multiple tasks at a time. Other graphic design companies only handle around one to two active tasks per day. But with us, clients can request as many designs in a day.

It works by putting all your designs in a queue. The rule is first come, first served. So we process tasks that are time sensitive as well. In addition to that, clients can also request for as many revisions as they want. 

Our hiring process involves testing our applicants’ willingness to handle revisions. This way, we know that our designers will go all-out whenever there are revisions necessary. 

Where are your designers located?

We take pride in a rigid hiring process. Our designers work remote and are located worldwide, but 80 percent of our designers are in EST time zones. However, we offer customer support 24/7. 

We can ensure that our staff goes through rigorous steps to become a Kapa99 designer. We don’t only test skills, but we also test soft skills. So all our designers aren’t only professionals, but they are also reliable and easy to work with. And this is the reason why we’ve touched the lives of over 4,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. 

How fast can clients receive the first draft? 

The thing about unlimited graphic design is its fast turnaround time. And we are proud of what we do every day, which is making our customers’ lives easier. So the moment clients submit design projects in the queue, we delegate them in less than 10 minutes — regardless of where the clients are in the world. Then the expert designer works on the project and submits the first draft in 24 to 48 hours. However, for bigger projects like presentation slides, we often give an estimate on how long it will take to finish. 

Can you do urgent requests?

Of course we do! We believe in an efficient process that helps our clients improve their day to day office routines. One delayed project can impact all the other business aspects. So we prioritize urgent requests. All you need to do is communicate with us and we’ll get to it right away.

Do you have service limitations?

Kapa99 does everything from logos, business cards, blog images, book layouts, podcast covers to Powerpoint templates, infographics, email signatures, restaurant menus, billboards, online ads, and more. We can proudly say we’re skilled in these areas. 

Unfortunately, we don’t do video motion graphics, CAD, 3DHTML, CSS, programming work, UI/UX, or web and app design. Simply because we’re not experts on those areas, and we don’t do anything by halves. 

Can I resell all the work I request from Kapa99? 

Of course! One advantage of subscribing to an unlimited graphic design service is having full rights and licenses on all designs created. Since you own the Intellectual Property, you can resell the designs at any price you prefer. 

Do you offer a return policy?

We offer a completely free trial, and clients won't be billed for 15 days. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee once the free trial ends. 

What fuels Kapa99? 

I believe in saving the client time, frustration, and money. From personal experience, back when I was working at the restaurant, I know how frustrating it can be to do design work without having the skills. In addition to that, I know the feeling of not having the option to hire a graphic designer because of the steep costs. Our company has five values: customer commitment, punctuality, quality, teamwork, and accountability. We want our work to provide value for clients' businesses. This is why we do what we do every day because we’re all passionate in offering exemplary service to businesses worldwide. 







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