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Jessica Kramer


May 10, 2021
Our Take
As a veteran in the industry, No Limit Creatives has built a reputation for delivering gorgeous work while executing at an unparalleled professional level. A company led by a designer with nearly 2 decades of experience, working with NLC is like working with a top freelancer but perfectly optimized for the needs of your business.

Why is design important? Why do customers typically subscribe to your service?

Every business in the world needs design work at some point in their journey. Whether it’s a logo for a new brand, a flyer for a local event, a design to support a new social media campaign, or an explainer video that highlights the benefits and features of your business, product, or service, we all need designs to extend our journey in business.

Companies from all over the world, and of all sizes, join No Limit Creatives every single day to help achieve a higher quality and consistent level of ongoing design & creatives, so they can focus on other aspects of their business that they’re best at. We have such an affordable price point, with a variety of packages, that the service is a no brainer for just about anyone.

Plus, we have 250 full time team members on staff which allows our customers to get a variety of designs in many different areas and fine tune their design team as they go so they have the perfect group of dedicated designers to work with.

What’s the story behind the company? and where is it now? (team, location, brand name customers, etc.)

No Limit Creatives was established in January of 2018 by Jeff Minnichbach, a self-employed designer with 15 years experience in the industry. He had worked with some highly reputable companies like TRUECar, McAfee, VitaCup, Pluto TV, Christie Brinkley Skincare, Treehouse, and thousands more. Jeff wanted to help more companies with design work on a budget so that they could receive ongoing creatives each & every month without breaking the bank. Jeff had a background in the design of online marketing collateral for businesses of all sizes but often noticed that budget constraints prohibited small businesses from actually getting the constant flow of new ad creatives they needed to keep their business growing, so a lot of the focus was on businesses with a budget.

Within the second year of operation, No Limit Creatives gave 250 jobs to designers and support representatives in 30 different countries around the globe to create a consistent & sustainable career opportunity they could grow into for years to come.

NLC is a 100% cash-funded business with no VC’s or investors of any kind which allowed them to create the service offering and internal structure that made the most sense for their customer base and not based on an investor’s vision that doesn’t fully understand graphic or video design. NLC is built and operated by actual designers.

NLC is a global brand that has operated 100% remotely since the very beginning. This has allowed them to offer affordable services with virtually no overhead and to continue growing in a healthy and sustainable way while also improving the process and experience for everyone they interact with. We create an average of 8,000 unique designs each & every month which is an astronomical number for our price point and setup. People know they can count on us for true volume and not be misled or misinformed with false promises we can’t keep.

What’s the future for your company?

No Limit Creatives has always been focused on the customer experience, quality and speed and as we move into 2021 we are highly focused on expanding our service offering and tackling more areas of creative demand that we have not offered before.

We are partnered with a variety of companies and will continue to establish additional connections with other brands that will help our customers get anything & everything they need done within our service under one roof.

We have spent the last year developing a custom design portal for our customers which will help create a much higher level of consistency and efficiency that will help customers get work done quicker and create a high level experience that many businesses need to thrive.

What does unlimited really mean?

The term “unlimited” is perceived a variety of different ways amongst businesses and consumers, but when it comes to our business specifically, the term “unlimited” means we have no limit to how many requests you can put in, you can have unlimited revisions made on your designs, as well as an unlimited number of brands and users we’ll design for under a single plan.

When you work with freelance designers, for example, a lot of times they will limit you to a certain number of revisions or designs before charging you more. We literally have no limit to the rounds of revisions we’ll make or requests we’ll service and will physically work on as many projects per month as we physically can.

How does your service compare to hiring a freelancer or an agency?

Because the Owner of No Limit Creatives was a freelance designer for 15 years, we know first hand what hiring freelancers is all about. It takes time, sometimes months even, to find the right designer that you can afford, rely on and trust with your brand’s reputation, and working with our company takes all the guesswork of hiring out of the mix.

When you work with No Limit Creatives, you say goodbye to the headaches & hassle of trying to find a source to hire designers through, you  don’t have to interview countless people to find the best fit and you don’t have to wonder whether or not someone will get online tomorrow to help you tackle your creative needs. Our service is fully managed and dedicated to any business who works with us and you can rest assured knowing that every one of your requests will be handled with professionalism, speed, quality, attention to detail efficiency.

How do I manage requests? Any details I should include?

All design requests come in through Asana, a free-to-use project management website. We set up every customer to use our Enterprise level plan so they can easily add, manage and download their designs at any time from their desktop or mobile devices.

Coming in 2021 is our very first custom built design portal which will take our operation and customer experience to a whole new level. 

Can I invite team members to collaborate in making design requests?

Yes! You will be able to invite any number of users to the system who can access projects, make design requests, comment with feedback, request revisions and get customer support.

Can you integrate into our clients' workflow?

We have customized processes in the past for agency-level clients to help them operate and use our service with ease and are open to certain custom scenarios to help set customers up for the highest level of success.

Who owns the creative work? Do you work on multiple brands?

Our Terms of Use legally release all ownership of our designs to the customer. We can make designs for any number of brands and the brand will obtain full ownership of everything we create for them.

What software do you use? Our company uses Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc, can you use that?

Our company specializes in several Adobe Suite products including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premier and we even have designers experience in Canva Pro to help set up simple templates you can customize later with their platform.

What can/can't you design?

No Limit Creatives covers a massive variety of different kinds of design projects. There is very little we don’t do, and if it’s not on our list, simply ask us and we can tell you if we can help you or not on a specific project.

You can get a full list of what we cover on our Scope of Service page.

How can the pricing be so low?

Because we have always operated remotely, and we have no investors we need to pay back, we have incurred virtually no overhead or startup costs in the business since its inception in 2018. This has allowed us to operate in a very lean manner and keep costs down exponentially for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

What is the turnaround time?

We offer both graphics & video design services so our turnaround times vary based on what kind of project you request, but we have turnaround times averaging between 1-2 business days.

Can I work with a single designer on your team that I end up liking? Or what if I don't like the service?

Absolutely! Unlike any other service in our niche, we assign a team of designers to your account that consists of 8-12 people. These are designers with all sorts of areas of expertise and skill sets to ensure you can have all your projects covered.

We would suggest adding a few designers to your preferred list over time so that you can work with the same people consistently who will learn your brand, your expectations, your needs and your vision. You can also add designers to your non-preferred list which will remove them from future projects if you were unhappy with their work.

We are extremely accommodating and flexible with each and every one of our customers. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service, just reach out to let us know and we’ll make any necessary changes to your account to ensure you’re set up for success. We also have a 14 day money-back guarantee which allows you to get a full refund within 14 days of service should you feel it’s not going to be a good fit for your creative needs.

What if I have an urgent request? Or a one-off design request?

Because of our low prices to make the service affordable to businesses of all sizes, we do not offer any rush design services. We have a very specific workflow and internal process to ensure each customer gets the highest output of designs in a month as they possibly can which prohibits us from being able to do urgent designs.

However, we do offer a Pay Per Project option which allows you to order a graphic or video of any size for one flat rate. 

What design from your team have you recently seen that made you think this is great and why?

I am constantly impressed by the level of quality and creativity our designers put out for this price point. But it always falls back to the social media ad creatives we make that reminds me of just how powerful and beneficial our design service is for any sort of business that wants to grow physically and financially.

We are widely known and recognized for our focus in ad creatives for social media and service thousands of companies every year. We have a large variety of graphic design and video design examples on our website to give you a clear and true idea of how far our creative minds will go for your business.







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