Jessica Kramer


September 3, 2021
Our Take
Despite being in the market for only five years, Tucango has made its own mark in the digital marketing industry. With a wide global reach and a client base in three languages, this Chile-based digital agency offers web development, graphic design, and marketing. But aside from providing multi-disciplinary services, they also put emphasis on environmental commitment, making them truly a digital solutions provider for the future.

Why is design important to you? What made you go into this industry?

We were initially a web hosting company, but we realized that the best solution for our clients was to offer a one-stop solution. And so, we also needed to include graphic design in our services. After all, we believe that firms who are aiming for utmost growth should offer graphic design.

What do you think makes your unlimited graphic design service stand out among the competition?

Three things make our service stand out from the others. First of all, we offer a personal touch. In fact, clients get to meet their designers once over a video call to get to know them.

Secondly, we have an online platform. That means clients can send requests and get their designs right through this platform, making the process fast and easy. And last but not least, we offer a high quality of work. After all, we have really high standards for our designers, and that reflects in the work we give our clients.

Tell me about your team, the location, and is there a meaning for the name you chose for the company?

Tucango somewhat sounds similar to "you can go." We believe that there's always a way to make your company grow, and we take inspiration from that. Added to that, we also got our brand inspiration from the bird Toucan, which is called Tucán in Spanish. Being an environment-focused agency, having that incorporated in our brand is important to us.

Our team is mainly based in Valdivia, Chile.

How do you talk with your customers, and what platform do you communicate through?

As mentioned earlier, we use our own platform, which we designed. We use it for web development, marketing, and graphic design. Also, clients get email notifications, so they're constantly updated about their projects.

What are some things you're proud of about your company that you think people should know?

We're a company that's really focused on the happiness of our team. In short, our team is happy to be working with the company. We focus on our employees' quality of life, and that, in turn, translates to their work quality.

What's your company culture like?

We focus on communication, teamwork, and happiness. We cover for each other and learn from one another’s mistakes. This culture gears us to be growth-oriented.

What are your requirements or qualifications when hiring a designer?

First of all, our designer has to be friendly. After that, they have to be good at graphic design. We also perform a psychological evaluation before hiring our designers. And, of course, we go over their portfolio. 

You mentioned that you're a big advocate of the environment. What efforts do you make to advance that? Do you have any other community-related efforts?

We hold tree-planting campaigns as part of our advocacy. Added to that, we also participate in the World Community Grid by IBM. It's an initiative that helps accelerate research through donors' spare computing power. The project helps solve global problems, such as sustainability and health.