Copymatic Review: Best AI Copywriting Software?

Rowena Zaballa

May 24, 2022

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One of the most frustrating parts of copywriting is when you spend too much time and effort writing it or hiring somebody to write it for you. And later on, you spot some grammatical errors or poor sentence structures - that make your marketing asset look unprofessional. Here is the good news, there are AI-powered writing assistants that vow to save you from these concerns. Keep scrolling our Copymatic review to learn more! 

What is CopyMatic?

Copymatic is a new AI copywriting software that helps you write highly converting and sales-generating copy for your business. It promises to generate sales pages, emails, videos, and ads instantly in minutes. Plus, it is available in 108 languages. 

Copymatic generates all your marketing copy in a beginner-friendly interface. This revolutionary software uses the power of GPT-3, a Natural Language Generation model developed by OpenAI. Specifically, it generates the following words based on the tool's context. 

Copymatic Best Features

Copymatic Pricing has two affordable pricing plans:

Starter plan at $19/month - for up to 1000 credits

Pro plan at $32month - Unlimited content generation (Unlimited credits)

What Content Can You Create Using Copymatic?

With more than 50 templates to choose from, you can generate almost any content type, such as:

Besides the copy itself, Copymatic helps you brainstorm blog posts and product and product name ideas. Run the respective templates from your Copymatic workspace.

A recently added tool to Copymatic is the Article Writer. With this tool, you can easily modify your content to create unique content without making it synonyms-awkward.

How To Use Copymatic

Copymatic offers a no-fuss free trial, and here's what we did to test the software. For instance, if we are trying to create copy for a website, we follow the steps below:

Website Headlines

Copymatic website asked the type of content we are going to create. In this case, we chose a website headline for a blog about the best cafes in NYC, and below are the suggestions generated by the software: 

  1. The ten best NYC coffee shops for freelancers
  2. NYC Coffee Shops You Can Work From
  3. Best NYC Coffee Shops for Working Remotely
  4. These are the best coffee shops for freelancers in NYC.
  5. The best places to work remotely in NYC
  6. NYC Coffee Shops For Working Remotely
  7. Get Productive: The Best NYC Coffee Shops For Working Remotely
  8. NYC Coffee Shops for Working Remotely

AIDA Framework

Next, we ran the AIDA Formula, and here are two of the six contents generated by the platform. 

Remember to pick a few that resonate with you and paste them on a blank Google Doc. Then, rearrange or edit them until your copy looks good. 

Blog Intro

We also tested Copymatic to generate a blog introduction. 

Eventually, you'll understand how different copy variants can be integrated as you do this little exercise. It means you slowly become a copy wizard. You have to edit and refine it to make it more appealing, but this AI software is a savior, particularly during writer's block or tight deadlines. 


You may have noticed how the software exactly works through this review. Following the step-by-step procedure in creating a copy with the help of Copymatic is not complicated at all. Copymatic offers affordable pricing packages that won't hurt your wallet as a convenient machine worth using. So, trust everything from our honest review and explore the valuable features of this brand new AI copywriting tool. 

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