Irisbits Review: What is Irisbits and why marketers should use it

Cel Zosimo

July 24, 2022

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Seasoned marketers and entrepreneurs have video marketing strategies in place for their businesses. According to statistics, 64% of consumers buy after watching branded videos on social media. However, video editing can be laborious, which can get in the way of crafting a solid strategy for many business owners. 

A great solution to this is to get the help of video editing services such as Irisbits. Let’s get to know what it is and what it can do for your business.

Irisbits Company Overview

Specializing in video editing and graphic design, Irisbits uses the unlimited service business model. For a fixed rate, they will edit your videos and create graphic designs as many as possible in a month. 

According to its LinkedIn profile, the company is based in Bristol, United Kingdom, and has approximately ten employees. They have professional video editors and graphic designers on their team that will handle the work for you. 

Who is Irisbits for?

For everyone who needs a constant supply of videos, Irisbits will work well with you. They will take care of your video editing, and graphic design works. This allows you more time to manage more critical business matters. 

This service is for you if you’re a business owner, online marketer, blogger, vlogger, and other content creators. You no longer have to find a video editor or pay for each editing you need. Irisbits hires top-tier professionals, so you won’t have to. And with its unlimited business model, you can get professional quality work at affordable rates. 

How Irisbits Work

Irisbits Logo Samples

Irisbits made video editing a breeze with just three steps. First, you upload your video content on their platform. You will be asked to write a description of the project. They will then start working on your video and give updates throughout the process.

Once the first draft is done, you will be asked to review it. You can request revisions until you’re satisfied with the results. Afterwhich, you can download your video and use it wherever you need to. You can then send a request for your next video or design.

Irisbits Top Features

Irisbits takes pride in the features they offer. These are the following:

Aside from all these, Irisbits can create the following design assets for you:

Irisbits Pricing Plan

Irisbits offers an affordable plan that costs $395 per month. This subscription plan includes all the top features listed above. You can send as many requests for video editing and graphic design in a month and still pay the same amount.

You won’t have to sign a contract, and you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

Irisbits Turnaround Time

Irisbits Video Samples

As mentioned above, Irisbits allow for one to two business days of turnaround time. The company’s business days are Monday through Friday. While they strive to give you your videos and designs in the specified turnaround times, some projects can take longer than others. The more complicated a video or design is, the longer it will take to complete them. 

Irisbits Pros and Cons

As with any other service, Irisbits has its pros and cons. Check out the list below to help you make an informed decision:




Growing your company with a video marketing strategy is a wise business decision. However, creating videos and editing them can be an arduous task. Instead of worrying about making the perfect video for your content marketing strategies, outsource your work to companies such as Irisbits. This will leave you more time and energy to do what matters most in your business.

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