25 Essential Business Softwares For 2021

Cel Zosimo

October 6, 2021

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Managing a business is one challenging role. Lucky for us, technology has created tools to help make it easier. From payroll management to communicating with your team, there are a plethora of business softwares to choose from. Here are 25 of the essential ones:

1. StudioCloud

A cloud business management software StudioCloud specializes in helping small to medium businesses. This app is ideal for photographers, designers, massage therapists, tattooists, and other similar types of companies. Its top features include scheduling, client management, marketing automation, invoicing, booking, and many more. 

There is a free version of this business software, but if you want to get more from the app, you can avail of the paid subscription. Price starts at $35.00 as a flat monthly rate.

2. Wave

If accounting, invoicing, and receipt tracking are crucial for your business, Wave is the software for you. Its free plan lets you have bank and credit card connections, receipt scanning, income, and expense tracking, among others. Wave is cloud-based so that you can access it on any device with access to the internet.

Wave is ideal for small businesses and startups as you can use it for free. There are no hidden charges, no set-up fees, or monthly charges.


For organizing team tasks, project planning, timeline management, and other business processes, is one of the best you can get. This is ideal for automating repetitive tasks that need extra security. With this software, you’ll get insights on budget spending, clear overviews of your projects, centralizing workflow, and many other tasks. is free to use, but there are paid plans available. The Basic starts at $8 up to their Enterprise plan that you have to contact them to get the pricing.

4. Scoro

One of the most powerful business softwares you can find is Scoro. This business management is made easy with features such as customizable KPI dashboards, customer management and sales pipeline, invoicing, billing, team collaboration, and much more. This software covers most of the basics, so that you may need Scoro and not much else.

Price starts at $26 per month and can get higher depending on your needs. You have to contact them for the exact pricing.

5. Creatio

One of the best business softwares for medium to large businesses is Creatio. It is ideal for process automation such as database creation, communication personalization, project, case, and opportunity management, among many other features. This software is helpful for a wide variety of businesses for sales, marketing, and customer service.

There is a free version of Creatio, but the price starts at $25 per user per month if you want to get more features.

6. Zoho One

Collaborating and communicating with your team needs a business software that’s as efficient as Zoho One. This software lets you do more with sales, marketing, accounting, expense, and inventory management, among many other wonderful features. It is ideal for companies with multiple team members as its communication and collaboration tools are noteworthy.

Zoho One has two pricing plans: the Flexible-User Pricing at $105 per user per month and the All Employee Pricing for $45 per employee per month.

7. Basecamp

For companies that want their tools to work as if they’re on social media, Basecamp is the one for you. It has message boards for ideas and suggestions, provides project performance reports, manages multiple users’ works, a dashboard that you can show clients, and many more features. This software is suitable for teachers, students, small business owners, and others.

Basecamp offers a free 30-day trial. After that, you have to pay the $99 flat monthly rate for unlimited users.

8. Smartsheet

When doing collaborations, planning, scheduling, and other business processes, Smartsheet is indeed an intelligent choice. It lets you do program rollups, resource management, budget tracking, and strategic planning, to name a few of its features. Creating hybrid and cross-data spreadsheets is made easy, plus automating your workflows becomes straightforward with Smartsheet.

Smartsheet pricing starts at $7 per user per month, increasing to $25 per user per month. Their Enterprise plan requires you to speak with their representative.

9. ProWorkflow

Track time and tasks and other team collaborations tasks with the ProWorkflow business software. Managing a business means you have a lot on your plate. This software will help make it easier for you by letting you manage invoices and quotes, allocate tasks, track time, communicate, and many more. 

They offer a free trial, and the paid versions come at $20 and $30 per user per month plans. They also have an Enterprise plan that will be based on your specific requirements.

10. Odoo

From accounting to project management, you can count on Odoo to make business management a breeze. It is a collection of apps such as CRM, eCommerce, point of sale, inventory, and so much more. You can also use it to automate tasks and real-time messaging.

Odoo charges $6 per month per user. Price will change when you add the apps you want to use, cost can range anywhere from $4 to $32 per app.

11. Proofhub

A suite of tools that can help you manage your business easier is Proofhub. It is an excellent alternative to conventional emailing and comes with multiple tools to help you make your life at work more manageable. This software allows you to assign user roles, track and report project performance and history, and other features, all in secure file storage.

If the per-user price can be a bit expensive for you, then Proofhub is the software to choose. Its plans come at $45 to $89 per month, with all unlimited projects and users.

12. NetSuite

With various toolsets to offer, NetSuite is a business software that offers excellent enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. It allows for smooth inventory management, finances tracking, eCommerce store hosting, and other valuable features. Any size business in almost every industry can benefit from NetSuite’s tools.

NetSuite’s pricing is available upon request.

13. Clarizen

For fully customizable business software, Clarizen is the solid choice. They can provide you with workflows that you can configure depending on your business needs. You can use it to automate repetitive tasks and help with budget management and many other tasks. The software is cloud-based, making collaboration easy and accessible.

Clarizen pricing starts at $29.95 for every user each month. Although to get more detailed information about it, you will need to contact them directly.

14. Aptien

To simplify your business processes, you need software like Aptien. It allows for easy management of projects, relationships, and customers with its predefined datasheets. It will help you track activities, manage customer concerns, projects, and contracts for any type of business.

Aptien has a free version, but get the paid versions if you want to use their features. Pricing starts at $6 per month for ten users.

15. BlueCamroo

When building your business from scratch, BlueCamroo is the most suitable software to get. It is a website builder and can help you create landing pages and an eCommerce store. Its many useful features include sales forecasting, contact management, visual sales pipeline, and many more. 

BlueCamroo has a free version, but you can get more if you choose to get a subscription. Price starts at $17 per user per month and can go up to $41 with a free trial.

16. Insightly

A single platform is all you need if you get Insightly as your business software. From small businesses to the bigger ones, Insightly can help you have a smooth workflow. You can manage leads and contacts, track project activities and performance, and so many more features. You won’t have to upgrade as it has features for both beginners and experienced managers.

Insightly has different pricing for each of its services. Their CRM plan price starts at $29 per user per month to give you an idea of the costs.

17. Bitrix24

Packed with features, Bitrix24 is a must on this essential business software list for 2021. Its top features are the social intranet for team communication, project management and tracking, customer relationship management, and so much more. For the bigger businesses that need a lot from their software, Bitrix24 is a solid option.

Bitrix24 has free plans for those on a budget, but if you want all the bells and whistles, they have three plans which cost from $39 up to $159 per month.

18. ActiveCollab

For companies with a big team, ActiveCollab is what you need. As its name suggests, ActiveCollab is big on collaborations and other communicating tasks. It offers time tracking, invoicing, task creations, and a shared calendar for better teamwork. It also has Kanban cards and a Gantt-like timeline for planning, among many other features.

You can use ActiveCollab for free, but their paid versions are noteworthy. From $6.25 up to $7.50 monthly, you can use these features for your business.

19. Podio

If you’re looking for highly customizable business software, Podio is an excellent choice. It can assign tasks, automate the sales pipeline, share encrypted files, and get your company overviews. This software is ideal for medium to large businesses with quite a number of staff members.

Podio is free to use, but they also have plans that businesses will find helpful. The price starts at $7.20 to $19.20 per month.

20. ClickUp

Not only is ClickUp a task manager, but it is also a productivity platform. Your teams will have easy planning, collaborating, and organizing. It comes with tools that will simplify tasks and processes, thus allowing for more time to be productive. This is one of the most affordable business software at $5 per user per month, perfect for startups and small businesses.

ClickUp has a free plan, but you can also avail of their paid subscription if you need more features. 

21. Paymo

For automated time tracking, easy project management, efficient time billing, and many wonderful features, Paymo is the software you need. Its user-friendly dashboard allows you to see your team’s performance quickly. It has integrated accounting tools and gives you detailed work reports. For any type of business, big or small, Paymo is a robust option.

Paymo has a free option, but they have plans suited for almost all types of businesses. The price starts at $9.95 per user per month and $15.79 per user per month.

22. Frank

Architecture and engineering studios and offices differ from other companies, hence the need for a software such as Frank. Its top features include simple project management and documentation, customer database, human resource managing and recruiting, and so many more. It also helps you with accounting, workload reports, and vendor qualifications.

A free plan is available, but if you want to use their top features, it will cost you up to $150 per month.

23. Teamwork

If you want to make sure that your company is well-organized, Teamwork is a good choice for a business software. This app is suitable for creative teams requiring time tracking and reporting tools, project planning on Gantt charts, and more.

Teamwork has a free plan and a paid subscription that will cost you $10 to $18 per user per month. For their custom plans, you can contact them directly for the pricing.

24. Deltek

Companies that provide professional services have Deltek to thank for. They designed a business software that offers project-centric ERP solutions specifically for this industry. The software lets you manage your finances, track time and expenses, manage clients and customers, and many other helpful features.

For its pricing, you have to request it from Deltek directly.

25. WORKetc

For efficient CRM, team collaboration, and project management tools, WORKetc is an excellent option. With this business software, you can manage complex budget projects, automatically capture and invoice sales activities across all departments, among many other features. If customer relations are your top priority, this is the web-based app for you.

WORKetc pricing starts at $78 per month for two users. They have a $195 per month plan as well as the $395 plan.

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