How does Fiverr work? (and How to Get Started)

Jessica Kramer

April 30, 2021

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Jessica Kramer
Hi my name is Jessica K and I'm a writer for Servicelist. I've been writing freelance for several years.

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If you’ve been reading up about outsourcing projects or getting gigs online, you’ve probably heard about Fiverr. How does Fiverr work for buyers and sellers? And just as important, how do you get started, either as a buyer or a seller? 

What is Fiverr? 

Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers solutions to both sides of a freelance service transaction - buying and selling services. And the great news is, you can switch from two sides of the spectrum as needed. For instance, if you’re a freelance writer offering your services on the platform and need graphic design services to create a logo for your blog, you can easily switch from being a seller to being a buyer. 

Gigs on Fiverr can vary in price, depending on the service and the freelancer’s level of skills and experience. For example, logo design can range from $10 to $1,550, depending on the service caliber and quality of output.

What can you buy or sell on Fiverr?

How does Fiverr work step by step?

How does Fiverr work for beginners? First of all, you need to complete Fiverr sign-up before you can request projects as a buyer or get gigs as a seller.

Once you’re logged in to the platform, you can browse categories to see what types of services you can access.

How does Fiverr work for buyers 

If you’re on the platform as a buyer, there are two ways to get the services you need. Both ways are explained in detail below.

1. Post a request

If you don’t have the time to browse seller profiles and portfolios, you can let them come to you by posting a request. To do this, simply click on the “Post a request” button on your dashboard. 

This will take you to the post request page, where you can describe the service you’re looking for under a category. You can attach files to make your request as detailed as possible. And to ensure that you’ll get relevant proposals, you’ll have to set your timeline and pricing for the service.

2. Browse for an existing gig 

In Fiverr, a gig is a task offered by the seller. To find a gig, go to categories and browse for an existing gig to buy. Once you purchase, you can describe your requirements for the project. You’ll also need to answer questions from the seller. These questions are meant to help them get the info they need to proceed with the project. 

Fiverr recommends going through their website for payments to ensure security and protection. Projects that cost $20 and below have a processing fee of $1. Projects that go over $20, on the other hand, incur a 5 percent processing fee. 

As mentioned above, the seller will only receive your payment for the project once you’re satisfied with the output. That said, you can review the deliverable and ask for revisions before you mark the project as completed, allowing the full payment to go through.

How does Fiverr work for Sellers

How does Fiverr work for freelancers or service sellers? To become a Fiverr seller, you need to create a Seller Profile and post a gig on the platform.

The platform suggests taking the time to create a credible profile with links to one’s relevant professional networks. It’s also best to describe one’s skills accurately and upload a profile photo to boost reputation. The platform may also ask you to verify your ID as a way to keep the marketplace a secure online venue for everyone. 

To post a gig, you first need to put a title on the task. The title has a hard limit of 80 words, so be sure to use your words carefully. It also pays to know more about SEO to up the chances of attracting buyers who are looking for the services you offer. After putting in the title, you can then choose a category and gig metadata.

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr Step-by-Step:

  1. Go to ‘Gigs’ 
  2. Click on ‘Create a new gig’
  3. Fill in your gig title/category/language. Here are some good examples for Gig titles.

Don’t say: I will write sales copy

Do say: I will write powerful and persuasive copy

Don’t say: I will design a logo

Do say: I will design a logo fitting of your brand

  1. Create 3 packages and details of each: prices, number of free revisions, etc.

  1. Add additional services to the gig.

  1. Add a text description to your gig. 

This is your chance to showcase what you can offer and talk about your personal brand. For example, if you’re a freelance writer offering your services, talk about what makes your copy better than the other sellers on the platform. You can also write in the inclusions (e.g., research, two rounds of revisions, etc.). In the same vein, you may also choose to include FAQs to provide answers to questions buyers typically ask you.

  1. Create requirements form. This will be the form that potential buyers fill out when making a request. 

Tips for Fiverr Sellers

You can improve your visibility as a seller by using search tags. These are terms that buyers typically use when they’re looking for services. It’s best to find the tags that are popular but are also relevant to your skills. If you’re a copywriter, for example, here are some of the search tags you may want to use: copywriting, Facebook ads, sales leads, business writing, and writing.

Having a gig photo is mandatory, however, you can take your gig to the next level by adding additional media such as videos. Doing so can increase your orders by over 200%.

Without a doubt, Fiverr makes offering and getting services a lot easier and more convenient. But in the end, everything still goes down to the fundamentals of traditional business transactions. For one, service buyers must be patient enough to find the right candidate for the job. And similarly, service sellers must deliver on their promises. And just as with traditional face-to-face collaborations, transactions are bound to fail if one or both parties don’t keep their end of the bargain.


Is Fiverr safe for buyers? 

Certainly. For one, they can find freelance talent depending on their budget and with project-based pricing. In addition to that, there’s a protected payment feature that doesn’t release the payment unless the buyer approves the work. Buyers, on the other hand, get as many benefits. Because the payment protection feature works both ways, sellers can avoid bogus buyers who go missing in action after receiving the deliverables.