LongShot AI Review: Could This Be the Best Writing Assistant?

Cel Zosimo

May 24, 2022

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Content marketing is an integral part of a business's success. However, writing unique articles can be quite the challenge. Fortunately for us, AI has stepped in and made our lives more manageable by creating software such as LongShot AI. Let's see what the fuss is about and if this LongShot AI review proves it is the best writing assistant.

What is LongShot AI?

A content creation tool, LongShot AI is powered by Artificial Intelligence to help you write articles quickly and easily. According to its website, it is an all-in-one writing tool that also doubles as social media and campaigns management software. It offers solutions to craft content that's unique and verifiable.

LongShot Ai was founded in 2020 by Ankur Pandey and Anushree Bishnoi from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. LongShot Ai does more than write content. It also conducts market research, keyword search, trends analysis, and generates consumer insights, among many others.

How Does LongShot AI Work?

As mentioned above, LongShot AI uses Artificial Intelligence to generate written content. It processes data that you put in and leverages machine learning to suggest ideas, outlines, and texts for your content marketing strategies. To start writing content in it, you need to create an account and use the software for free.

Follow the usual account creation methods, after which you'll find yourself in the LongShot AI dashboard.

I chose Headline under the Blog tab and entered my topic, Investment Tips for Beginners. It says to wait fifteen seconds, but it took shorter than that. This is what it generated:

I then went on to get some Blog Ideas and entered the same topic. Below is what LongShot Ai gave me:

I played around with it and went to generate Headline Intro. This is what I got:

I was on the Basic Forever Free plan and realized that many features are available only to those on premium plans. The Authenticity & Fact-Check plugins, Niche Ai, and collaboration features are those that you won't get when you're on the basic plan. That said, this is still a good writing assistant to have. 

LongShot AI Key Features

Touting itself as a one-stop-shop in content marketing, LongShot Ai has some wonderful features you won't find in other software in its category. Below are a few of its top features:

LongShot AI Pricing

While the free plan can make any writer's life easier, the paid plans are investments worth having. Below is the pricing list for LongShot AI:

They offer their trial for fourteen days and give discounts when you pay annually or quarterly.

Who Is LongShot AI For?

LongShot Ai offers an assortment of features useful to anyone who is into content marketing. Below are some of the people who can benefit most from this software:

LongShot AI Pros and Cons

Any review won't be complete without a pros and cons list. We all know that there is no perfect software, so let's look at what LongShot Ai is good at and where it needs improvements.



Final Thoughts

The internet abounds with writing assistant software, and it can be confusing to find one that's suitable for your needs. This LongShot AI review demonstrates that it is one of the best around. It can do more than your average writing tool at a cost-effective price. However, it isn't capable of writing on its own, it still needs the touch of a human writer to make quality content.

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